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Day after Crawfish...Quick & EZ Dish!

Personally, I don't think there is any better way to eat crawfish than a good ole' fashioned crawfish boil, but what do you do with all the left overs?! The internet is full of great recipes. One search will bring back tons of options.

For me however, there is a very quick, simple, and tasty go-to. Let's face it, a crawfish boil is work! The day after that I just don't want to work that hard, so I default to a spicy Crawfish Fettuccine. Although this recipe is from our neighbor to the East, they are connected at the border and close enough to trust. Try this dish next...

Crawfish Fettuccine

On a side note, if you live anywhere near Lake Charles, LA, do yourself a favor and drop by the PASTA LAB! I must admit that I had not had a lot of experience with anything other than store bought, dried pasta. Their pasta is made fresh at the location and you can buy dried or fresh. Taste and texture are totally different and awesome!

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