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How do I cut expenses while increasing my crop and my bottom line?  This question launched two years of research and development in order to discover those answers.  The result was Bait Sav'r.  We have been through multiple iterations; changing sizes, materials, shapes, and more until it was perfected.  The outcome has allowed for the following results:

-20-30% less bait use

-20-30% more catch

Bait Sav'r also deters birds and other predators, which was an unexpected perk that we discovered during field trials.

Design features are;

-Funneled design with a 5" opening for easy baiting, yet small enough to install in the trap.

- Precise basket hole sizes for targeted bait access.

-Polyethylene construction for durability and flexibility.

-Natural UV protection for long product life.

Bait Sav'r's unique design keeps crawfish from eating the bait too quickly, thus keeping crawfish in the trap longer and reducing cannibalization.  Some customers have even gone to running traps every other day.

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