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Louisiana Proud

Bait Sav'r is a Louisiana product designed to extend bait life in pyramid traps used by crawfish farmers.  Our product is a game changer for the crawfish industry.  You will use less bait and catch more crawfish!

Louisiana is the undisputed capital of the crawfish industry.  The Crawfish is even the official crustacean of our great state. We are home to  numerous festivals, cook-offs, restaurants, museums, and more.  The Crawfish Industry is unique and important in Louisiana.

The humble mudbug is now enjoyed throughout most of the world and much of it's use is influenced by the Cajun culture unique to La.  It only makes sense that a product like Bait Sav'r should be born right here in Louisiana.

We are proud of our culture and it's greatest ambassador, the mighty Crawfish!

Check our About page for more information on Bait Sav'r features.

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